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Concrete Structure

Structural Engineering Services

With professional experience ranging from architectural, to general and sub-contracting our firsthand knowledge, makes Quantum Structural Engineering and Design, LLC a trusted partner in a range of structural projects.

We approach all of our projects with integrity, whether we are supplying construction documentation, assisting clients through consulting and administration, or simply making conceptual floor plans.

Our Structural Engineering Consulting Approach

Our proven track record of delivering trustworthy results has made us a preferred partner of Colorado and Wyoming architects, contractors, owners, and real estate professionals.  At Quantum Structural Engineering and Design, LLC, we believe in approaching each project uniquely. Our engineers work closely with our clients to apply valuable infield perspectives, developing architectural and structural analysis, designs, inspections, and plans focused on complete and polished outcomes. We take pride in our work and always strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.


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Concrete Structure

& Expertise

Design Custom Homes & Commercial Buildings

  • Custom design

  • Renovate and remodel

  • Rehabilitation

  • Expand and revamp with an addition

Structural Engineering Services

  • Inspection services

  • Structural analysis

  • Soil condition analysis

Consulting Services

  • Quality engineering design and consulting services

  • Navigate the regulatory environment

  • Design guidance to expedite decision-making


About Quantum Structural Engineering and Design

Quantum Structural Engineering and Design, LLC serves clients in Wyoming and Colorado. We ensure success through attention to detail, creative thinking, unique problem solving, and infield firsthand knowledge. We steward clients through complex processes from concept to completion.


With the Quantum Structural Engineering and Design Team

Structural Engineer


Principal Engineer

Deacon's passion for building, rooted in his local insight, infield knowledge, and firsthand cross-industry experience, led him to establish Quantum Structural Engineering and Design, LLC. The company provides innovative solutions for complex engineering problems and designs efficient, sustainable, and resilient structures. With guidance from top engineers in the area, Deacon transformed into an entrepreneur dedicated to helping clients achieve optimal results. In his free time, he enjoys real estate remodeling and renovation, traveling, exploring new places, and bonding with his daughter, especially with Lego tinkering.

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